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Poomsae Taegeuk - Yuk Jang.  Movements - 23.

Meaning - Gam (Water).  Direction / Relation - West / Second son.

Poomsae taegeuk yuk jang: (sixth pattern).  Water in dense pressure.  Heaviness and fluidity give it a powerful and destructive force.  Nothing can withstand the force of raging water.  The movements of taeguk poomse yuk jang represent the ever flowing and devastating potential of water.  Water can move a mountain.  It is liquid, formless and never looses it’s nature.  It always flows downhill.  The movements of this poomse should be performed like water, sometimes standing still as water in a lake and sometimes thriving as in an ocean.

This principle teaches the lesson that we can overcome difficulties and hardship if we go forward with self confidence and without resistance.  Yuk jang is the taeguk poomse for red tag (3rd Kup).

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