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Poomsae Taegeuk - Oh Jang.  Movements - 20.

Meaning - Jin (Wind).  Direction / Relation - South west / Eldest daughter.

Poomsae taegeuk oh jang: Poomsae taeguk oh jang (fifth pattern).  Sometimes wind is calm and serene, but at other times wind leaves it’s mark.  Even the great pyramids become withered down to nothing.  The movements combined in this poomse represent the powerful corrosive power of wind as it destroys homes, villages and even history itself.  Seon symbolises the wind.  It is a gentle force but can sometimes be furious destroying everything in it’s path.  Poomse taeguk oh jang should be performed like the wind, gently, but knowing the ability of mass destruction with a single movement.  There are such terrible natural phenomena caused by the wind, but the nature of wind is gentle as the spring breeze caresses weeping willow.  A humble state of mind must be expressed through repetitive good-natured actions.  Actions precede something as gentle and as monotonous as the breeze but sometimes as forceful as storms.  The movements should be performed with this in mind.  This is the taeguk for blue belt (4th Kup).

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